EPIC Experience 2020 Concurrent Session : A Taste Test: Innovating in the Food Industry


Wednesday, April 22, 2020 - 11:00am to 11:30am

A Taste Test: Innovating in the Food Industry

The food industry is as competitive as any other fast-moving industry. In this mature business of competitive offerings and saturated supermarket shelves, how do you create a unique product that is disruptive? What kind of internal and customer testing needs to be done in order for the product to make it to market? Enjoy the product development journey with chef Kang Kuan, a food industry veteran who will share the story of working in a mostly traditional company to develop two products that truly disrupted their respective categories when the odds were stacked against them. He’ll talk about how innovation doesn’t take place in a vacuum, why cross-pollination between industries leads to breakthrough innovations, and why continuously testing and refining ideas with the right demographic group leads to a true solution.

Chef Kuan
Tyson Foods

Chef Kang Kuan is the executive R&D chef for Tyson Foods and the Culinary Ninja at Tyson Innovation Lab, where he tackles some of today’s biggest food problems. Previously, he was the executive chef for Iron Chef Morimoto and has appeared on Iron Chef America as Morimoto’s sous chef. Prior to that, he was trained at French Laundry, one of the top restaurants in the United States, serving as sous chef for Chef Thomas Keller. Kuan is an avid butcher and a lifelong charcuterie enthusiast, and always has some sort of dry-aging meat hanging somewhere in his basement.