EPIC Experience 2020 Keynote : Breaking Down Boxes


Wednesday, April 22, 2020 - 1:15pm to 2:00pm

Breaking Down Boxes

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You may have heard that Domino’s Pizza appealed to the Supreme Court to hear the argument that their website and mobile application did not need to be accessible to users of screen reading technology. This shuts out more than 3 Million users in the U.S. alone. We often hear of the stories of lived experiences of individuals and their ability to be effective in the world day to day. When we think outside boxes, or better yet, break them down we see not individuals but a society full of people with different perspectives and abilities. With a wider worldview we begin to understand and appreciate how we can improve the experience for everyone by embracing those differences. You’ll see how universally applied accessibility empowers individuals and creates a more vibrant culture.

Blind Computer Accessibility

With the exception of one year in Brazil as a high school exchange student Kevin Jones has called Madison, Wisconsin home his entire life. With his computer science degree Kevin worked to squash the Y2K bug with a local insurance company before gaining a degree in Network Security. He worked from his first computer, an Apple 2E, to the Microsoft stack and then back to the Mac in 2010 where he felt accessibility for blind users like himself had more potential. Kevin is currently spending a great deal of his time working to improve accessibility by helping fellow blind users learn computer skills, and enjoys showing sighted developers how to make their products more accessible. An enthusiastic supporter of technology he is keenly interested in voice-first interfaces and forms of automation to increase accessibility, even if most people only think of these as conveniences.